True Love ~~ “The Story Of The Man In The Moon”

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”

~Khalil Gibran

[But is that really true?]

It’s the first show of 2015 and we’re going to tackle a tough topic: true love and the story of The Man in the Moon.

Last February, right around Valentine’s Day, we explored a story involving my mother and the man who would ultimately come to be known as The Man in the Moon.

It’s a profoundly moving and emotional story; one that has impacted me since childhood.

I used to believe in the saying, “If you love someone, you should set them free and if they truly love you, they’ll return.”

I no longer believe this.

I believe that if someone truly loves you, there will be no reason to set them free; they shouldn’t come crawling back after their first choice didn’t work out.

People tend to toss around the term ‘love’ as though it’s a casual term. But it’s anything but. Love is truly transformative and it’s a force that can change your life in the most powerful ways.

I consider myself a hopeless romantic; I believe in true love. I’ve learned that many abuse victims like myself find themselves on a lifelong quest to find true love. They’re often amongst the individuals with the biggest hearts and the deepest desire to love and be loved — even if that desire isn’t outwardly apparent through the hard, protective shell that many abuse victims develop.

When I first shared this story of the Man in the Moon, I didn’t share all of the specifics.

I’ve since realized that it’s a story that must be told — in its entirety.

Over the past year, it’s a story that’s taken on new meaning as I myself became a Man in the Moon.

Recent events have transformed my view of life and love. I’ve come to realize that I was wrong; that love and intimacy aren’t the only part of the equation.

There’s more.

The Story of the Man in the Moon

My mother was a woman who suffered many traumas in her life. She was from a lower-middle class family that was plagued by dysfunction; a dysfunction that came to a head when she witnessed her father hang her mother from a 13th floor window amidst a drunken rage.
My father was from the other side of the tracks. He came from a prominent and wealthy family.
My parents met at a driver’s ed class. My mother said she loved my father, but she wasn’t madly in love with him. She got married because that’s what was expected; getting married young was the norm.
My mother’s true love was a man named Charlie — a man whom I’d come to know as The Man in the Moon. Charlie ultimately married another woman, just as my mother had married another man. But their respective marriages were no obstacle and they would meet in secret. Sometimes, I’d wait in the car, parked on the side of the road. I was just three or four years old when I first witnessed my mother in a rare state of pure happiness as she shared intimate moments with this man.
Charlie’s moniker — The Man in the Moon — was practical yet accurate. He was a man who was ever-present in her life and in her heart, yet in many ways, he was inaccessible. It was a practical term too, since my mother frequently brought me along when she met up with The Man in the Moon. So when my father asked, “What did you do today?”, my honest reply would be a seemingly fanciful: “We saw the Man in the Moon.”
After 14 years of marriage, my parents got divorced. But Charlie never left his wife — a woman who happened to be one of my mother’s best friends.
In time, Charlie and I became friends.
Years passed.
One day, my mother and I met Charlie for lunch. At one point in the meal, my mother left the table, heading for the restroom. I’ve always been very direct and I asked, “You love my mother. Why won’t you leave your wife?” Charlie replied, “I have children, obligations…..But someday, we’ll make it work. Someday.”
I knew that he truly loved my mother. And over the years, my mother continued to receive flowers, cards and other tokens of his affections.
They continued to see each other, but Charlie never did leave his wife. In this way, he truly lived up to his moniker, The Man in the Moon, remaining ever-present yet inaccessible.
So my mother set out on a mission to find another man. She sought to replicate the intense bond that she shared with Charlie.
But true love was elusive. She re-married and divorced twice.
In the end, my mother was miserable, forever haunted by the forbidden love she shared with The Man in the Moon.
Years later, my father said, “I love your mom, but your mom was always in love with Charlie — The Man in the Moon. He should have married her.”
The story of The Man in the Moon has led me to realize that love exists separately from intimacy. And if you don’t have intimacy — an incredible bond with another human being — then you don’t have anything.

These are just some of the topics we’ll be exploring on the latest episode of Sunday Night With “Scott Binsack”. It’s a must-see episode; one that will force you to confront and reconsider your views of love, intimacy and true love.

"Scott Binsack"

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Ebola ~~ “Force Feeding Your Fears”

“Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real” -Unknown

Repeat after me: Is there an Ebola outbreak in the United States? NO!!
You should have no concerns about Ebola! Period!! Unless a medical professional has contacted you that you may have have been in direct contact with an effected individual in the very few isolated areas. Do not listen to the hysterical voices on the TV or radio and internet. The people who say and write irrational things are being very irresponsible and in fear themselves or feeding the mass fraud being perpetrated on you about this virus.

Here are the facts: A man contracted the the virus overseas and tragically he was dying in a Texas hospital. He was at his most contagious while showing the most sever symptoms, that is how Ebola works. Subsequently, a health care worker at the hospital got the virus from him. As of yesterday she was doing well in isolation and has been Skyping her family.The CDC did say that they expected more health care workers at that hospital to get the virus. As of yesterday another health care worker who cared for the initial patient has now tested positive for the virus. Now, “before” the nurse showed symptoms she disregarded an isolation ban and flew from Cleveland to Dallas on Frontier airlines. However she was not showing symptoms. Fact: if your not showing symptoms and developed a fever you can not spread this virus. All people on this flight are being tested and isolated. None have shown symptoms to date.

Now the BIG PICTURE. You have to remember in the midst of all of this there is the key factor of POLITICS! With mid term elections coming the party in charge needs to effectively lead, and the party out of power needs to show there is a lac of leadership. Hence, mass media rhetoric creating fear to get votes!! These are the facts! We do not have an outbreak of Ebola in the United states. We do have two health care workers who contracted the disease from a dying man and they are isolated. There is no solid information to suggest that this disease has spread to anyone in the general public America. Not one person in the general public! These suggestions are without basis and fact. The panic that has tanked the stock market and left people fearful of sending there children to school is unwarranted This is what the powers that be want you to be fearful! Dont feed into the hysteria!

However, I will say that serious questions are raised as President Obama brings more infected Ebola patients into the US. Most Americans are unaware, that our US government / Center of disease Control owns a patent on EBOLA as a “weapon of mass destruction.” EboBun: PAT# – CA2741523A1

We are told almost on a daily basis that EBOLA could not be
transmitted by air. After researching, I found that our government has known since 1989 that it can in fact be transmitted by air. In 1990 an episode of nova aired on pbs with Stacy Keach as a narrator. http://youtu.be/glDAkR2ObBU ( This Nova Special has been strangly now removed from You Tube within thepast 24 hrs) He told the story of an experiment gone terribly wrong involving ebola and monkeys. In 1989, The Reston, Virginia Outbreak became a horrible reality. http://web.stanford.edu/group/virus/filo/ebor

Look it up and ask yourself why did our government bring Ebola infected people into America? The same cure exist in the UK so why were we put at risk? They lied and said it can’t be passed through air, however, they forgot about their old research files from 1989 ” open to the public ” that shows they experimented with monkeys and it went airborne through the air duct system and they had to kill over 400 monkeys. In which case doctors in hazmat suits are being infected and they claim they have no idea why… still believe we are safe?

While I am not a conspiracy theorist and solely base all my statements of facts and common sense, I must admit that the all of the above facts taken into consideration with current dismal state of the United States financially along with the need to continually remove more of our constitutional rights daily makes me seriously wonder as to the real agenda with creating this mass hysteria by way of fear surrounding this deadly disease.

With that being said, I fully believe that this entire madness of Ebola is being hyped by mainstream media and thus our government to instill fear in all of us. Feeding us fear daily. For, without fear there would be no need to enact other measures like calling up our troops via the National Guard as done by Obama via Executive Order on October 14th to be sent to areas throughout the US. Troops cant fight Ebola!! In fact, as recent articles have shown our troops are only getting 4 hours training on Ebola before being shipped to Africa?? Really?? Why are we shipping troops to africa to fight a virus?? So many questions remain to be answered!!

Join  “Scott Binsack” as I go in depth on the Ebola virus and facing the fears of the false evidence being presented daily by the mass media and those paranoid on the internet. A show not to be missed!


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