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The Psychopath ~~ “My Three Year Stalker” (Live Not In Studio)

Psychosis: Psychosis is a psychiatric condition that involves a loss of touch with reality,  delusional beliefs, hallucinations and paranoia. Psychosis is also associated with personality disorders which are characterized by traits such as persistent antisocial behavior, diminished empathy, disinherited behavior and the use of exploitation and cruelty to gain a sense of empowerment. Other traits include poor behavioral controls, grandiose self worth, superficial charm, pathological lying, impulsivity, failure to accept responsibility for their actions.


In this special, much-anticipated live episode of Sunday Night With Scott Binsack, Scott unveils his stalker of three years.

Live from Arizona, Scott delves into the story of the unstable, mentally ill stalker named Sandra. Sandra has attempted to wreak havoc on his personal, his professional life and the lives of those who surround him. But as with all things in life, Scott opted to confront the situation head on, leveraging California’s strict anti-stalker legislation to take legal action against his stalker.

Many people think of a stalking victim and women typically come to mind. But the reality is that stalking is an issue that impacts men and women alike. One in fifty men will be plagued by a stalker. And the internet has only exacerbated this, providing even more opportunities for stalkers to access and target their business.

Sandra approached Scott on Facebook, claiming to be a wealthy heiress, real estate broker, prospective investor and world traveller. But the reality was very different. Red flag after red flag arose and it quickly became clear that Sandra is a mentally ill psychopath, compulsive liar and stalker who has not only lost touch with reality, but has also targeted multiple other men.

Scott’s refusal to feed into the madness only exacerbated the situation. Sandra took it upon herself to contact clients, friends, family members and others, harassing them, frightening them and spreading lies.

And it didn’t end there.

The situation only got worse.

But this is one story that’s best told directly from the source, so check out the video.

Quite simply, this is one episode of Sunday Night With ”Scott Binsack” that absolutely, positively cannot be missed!

“It’s time she stops hurting other people and lying to other people and ripping off other men. It’s time that she goes to jail. And I’m going to make sure that that happens. I’m going to make sure that it happens so she cannot do this to anyone else ever again” – Scott J. Binsack

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