The Long Road Home ~~ “Surviving Child Abuse As An Adult”

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – Rumi

In this Sunday’s compelling show “Scott Binsack” reveals his most intimate survival skills. Growing up within a severely dysfunctional home and enduring horrific abuse at the hands of others, Scott could have easily drown in the depths of pain and humiliation that accompany such atrocities. Not only did he find his way to “find the light within the wounds” and survive, but also to thrive against the odds, becoming whole and extremely successful along the way.

When we have been abused or neglected as children it can leave us feeling wounded, deprived, and wronged by those we love and trusted. The hurt can be especially deep if those who caused pain were our own family members. If these hurts are not resolved, they continue to affect us and our subsequent relationships.

Memories of these events are painful, so we tend to avoid thinking about them too deeply. Or if we do think about them, we focus on certain parts at the expense of others, precluding a complete picture of the events. Thus we have an incomplete and child-like view of the harms experienced, and any mental “solution” to the problem is likewise incomplete and without the benefit of being properly vetted by our mature higher mind. The child mind wants to rewrite the story and change the ending, however, doing so at this late stage will not change the past nor will it remove the pain experienced nor will it fix the psychological and spiritual damage.

Childhood pain can last a lifetime if not confronted. Confronting the totality of our painful experiences is the only way to gain mastery over the past. It allows us to objectively revisit what happened so that we can reassess it from a more mature and objective vantage point. It allows us to gain a more complete picture of the events and come to more appropriate conclusions about the cause and meaning of what happened. This understanding allows us move past the futile urge to reenact these experiences and allows us to recreate an internal understanding of who we really are in a more functional and accurate way.

Join “Scott Binsack” as he shares with you how to face these inner demons, how to forgive, and how he rose from the ashes of a childhood lost to recreate himself, becoming whole and healed. Finally finding his way home!


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