Your Inner Child ~~ “Finding The Calm In The Chaos”

“In solitude we are forced to be true to ourselves.” – “Scott Binsack”

As a child, “Scott Binsack” suffered from great physical and emotional abuse. Scott’s one constant escape, one source of reprieve, was found in his solitude on the private beach of his childhood home in the Hamptons.

Only in solitude can a person explore within his/her own mind. While with others, it is easy for everyone to defend their stand, or to feel either thankful or sorry. This is not required in solitude as we are forced to be true to ourselves.

When in quiet solitude, there is nothing to prove to others. There is no mask to wear – be it good masks such as child, sibling, parent, cousin, spouse, employee, employer, neighbor, teacher, student, etc or not so good masks such as to hide gluttony, pride, lust, envy, wrath, etc. We can be our natural humble self.

This is enhanced by being in touch with nature too.

Join “Scott Binsack” as he shows us that in solitude, rationalism supersedes positivity or negativity and one can see things as they are, and not as one perceives. The true nature of nature can be observed and enjoyed in solitude. Scott Binsack challenges you to explore what was done unto us and shares with us that what we did unto others can be done without prejudice or defensive psychology.

“Truth alone prevails when in solitude as we are not actors anymore to ourselves.”
– “Scott Binsack”

The Grove Beach On The Peconic Bay ~~ Hampton Bays, New York

Thank you for watching,
“Scott Binsack”

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