Fear: The Beast Within ~~ “Living on The Lam”

Fear is a red flag that warns us when something is amiss. However if left uncontrolled and unrealized, fear can control us, destroying our lives. Scott Binsack holds nothing back as he dives into his two years on the lam in Central America and into the realities of battling his inner beast of fears that drove him there. In 1996 Scott chose to go on the lam, trying to piece together the last few years of his life. Succumbing to the pressures of success, the NY mob life, and the reality of his failing marriage, he up & leaves his multimillion dollar company and heads to the beaches of Costa Rica. Surrounded by personal security and searching his inner demons, he comes to grips with the anxiety and fears within. Join Scott as he explains that fear can be used as tool to identify problems, and to solve them effectively. Fear is an internal compass to which one can use to set sail to freedom from within.

“Most fear is the result of unfinished issues in our mind” – “Scott Binsack”

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