Assume Nothing – Leaving No Stone Unturned ~~ “Infiltrated by the DEA”

In 1995, Scott Binsack was 24 years old and he was a self made millionaire. His 12 million dollar a year grossing high-end residential construction company had just been featured on the cover of the New York Business Journal as “The Hottest Younger Builder in The Hamptons”. To Scott, he had made it. To certain outsiders looking in, they could not fathom such success. They assumed that Scott must be doing something else to be making so much money & achieve such power and status and, in turn, triggered an unwarranted deep cover infiltration into his life & his company by the DEA. Leaving no stone unturned, Scott was investigated by a top undercover DEA agent that he now considers a dear friend. An agent that one can only say is famous for a shocking prior deep cover operation in Columbia, an investigation that resulted in the arrest and conviction of one of the most wanted drug dealers in the world. Join Scott as he gives you yet another shocking in depth look into his life. Profound insight into why no one should ever assume anything! Especially in today’s world of the internet.

1995 New York Business Journal
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