Seeing Heaven and Hell & Living To Tell About It ~~ “2 Part 2 Hour Special”

Part 1


Part 2

It was a snowy January 1999 morning when Scott Binsack’s Lincoln Navigator slid of a mountainous cliff in the Delaware National Park. Ejecting him through the windshield into a ice and snow covered road where he lay face-down for close to an hour and a half before paramedics reached him. Several hours later and only after medical professionals deemed that  he would be dead within the hour and  having his last rights administered, Scott underwent surgery in an attempt to save his life. Suffering severe life altering head and chest injuries he died on the operating table for close to 4 minutes. For the first time in 14 years he shares this life altering event in grave detail. Out of fear of being ridiculed he kept the shocking details of what he experienced to himself and only a select few clergy and friends. Now he is ready to share the shocking truth. Scott further tells for the first time ever what he was going through in his life at the time of this near fatal event. A time when his life was in complete chaos and disarray.

“Recent 3D CT Scans Of Scott’s Skull Depicting The Serious Trauma He Suffered Requiring Numerous Prosthetic Plates and Screws To Reconstruct His Face / Head”

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