Are You a Wolf Or a Sheep? ~~ “The Art of Changing Your State of Mind”

I Challenge You To Change your State Of Mind!!

Is society brain washing you? Are your peers, family and friends controlling you? In the world there are wolves and there are sheep, and the wolves control the sheep who believe life has completion and thus an ultimate end. They are scripted by the wolves who eventually eat them along the way. There is no completion. The world is always changing. Life is always moving. Out of disorder comes order. It is never ending. Out of this madness I believe we all become/are tired and scared. Thus, seeking to know that it will all be okay and that there is a right direction to follow. Changing your state of mind to understand, to see what is really going on around you, to make solid decisions under pressure, to know your path and to live without fear… This is becoming the wolf. The wolf realizes there is no completion.


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“Scott Binsack”

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