Are You Really Living Or Just Existing In Life? ~~ “Take Risks Have No Fear”

Daily I notice how many people are unhappy, simply walking around like zombies in the rat race we call life. I know first hand how some people only show you what they want you to see. Waking up putting on a happy face when in fact, they are miserable underneath. Lets be real … no one wants to be unhappy and simply exist. Everyone has dreams and goals and something they are passionate about. How to achieve happiness all begins within ones self. Many tend to blame their continued unhappiness on their past. This is a cop out! Overcoming fear and doubt is a daily honed practice and does not come easy. Determination along with a no fear attitude will get you out of the box of simply existing. That is, confidence in ones self. Don’t just exist …. take action and live. You only have one life so make it the best one you can by being happy no matter what your past or current situation may be. In tonight’s show Scott will share how he daily achieves overcoming fear and taking risks to achieve success in both his personal and business lives.


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