"Scott Binsack"


CEO / Builder / Consultant / Serial Entrepreneur / Investor / Producer / Social Media Guru / Motivational Speaker / Romantic

“Scott Binsack” is one of today’s most popular social media influences. By sharing his incredible life experiences & entrepreneurial successes with others, he has helped many people meet & exceed their goals. He surpasses expectations both personally & professionally as a consultant, mentor, and educator.

Scott is a Long Island, New York native. He was a high school drop out by the 8th grade (even homeless at several points). During what can only be described as a tumultuous child hood and barely coming of age, Scott formed his first company at the tender age of 18. At the age of 21, he was already generating publicity for his business techniques and the construction and remodeling of ocean front mansions and estates in the Hamptons. He generated his first million dollars by the age of 24.

Scott’s achievements and projects landed him in many national and local publications including but not limited to “House Magazine”, “Remodeling Magazine” and “The Business Journal.”His construction and remodeling focus was catering to the elite and discrete, from the ocean shores of Long Island to the West Indies and Central America. He is now considered an expert in residential construction in the United States and has held many licenses and certifications supporting his expertise. Scott’s flagship jewel Mansions and Estates International LLC, started in early 2004, was grossing yearly sales of over 12 million dollars by mid 2007 which spawned five (5) more subsidiary corporations under the same helm. After nearly 25 years of building, and restoring homes, he is now dedicated to the client only as a consultant, ensuring their bottom line and quality of construction from the conception stage through the design build stage to completion.

However, Scott’s life was not all a bed of roses. To the contrary, his life began with a childhood one could only call as traumatizing and shocking. Suffering severe abuses and in 9 different schools before the 9th grade, when he eventually dropped out to go on his own. By no real choice of his but that out of the urgent need to survive. Overcoming his childhood by turning his guilt and anger into productive energy he became a success and a father of two. This was not without scars. Which later came back to haunt him in his decisions and associations. Suffering and learning as he made his journey he came to find himself.

Along the way, Scott Binsack succumbed to some of the traps of a high-flying lifestyle, going through a spectacular—and well-publicized—fall from grace. Taking invaluable lessons from the mistakes he made and the prices he paid, he has re-emerged as a potent force behind extraordinary business success.

Thanks to Scott’s overwhelming success in construction, he has been able to expand into motivational speaking, producing and social media which lead him to create and produce several internet blogging sites and reality television shows. He is currently creating a site to tell his incredible life story by a process he has deemed “Videography”. Now at the age of 44 Scott Binsack shares these lessons with with the world, both through a tremendous internet presence in social networking & through live speaking engagements. Hoping to help even just one not suffer the things he has endured along the way. He continues to lead the pack as a captivating motivator & prominent public speaker with his realistic hard hitting “telling is like it is” style. Scott’s incredible personal stories of success, failure, persistence, hard work, and the events that changed his life empower those around him everyday.

( Some of the information stated here was taken in major part from a 1995 cover story feature in the Long Island, New York Business Journal: “Scott Binsack” Builder Grabs The Gold Ring In The Hamptons ( See, Magazine Cover Story Posted On Scott’s Blog )

My Website: http://www.scottbinsack.com
About Me: http://www.scottbinsack.me
My Info: http://www.scottbinsack.info
More Info: http://www.yatedo.com/scottbinsack


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